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The Anarchy Organization 
Free A\indj For Free Uivsj 

I identified love with freedom. Freedom could 

not remain passive, it 
anted to create. It wanted countless variations, possibilities, combinations. 

From lVfeshugai Isaac Qasbevis Ginger 1 

order nurtures the roles of individuals to be 
subservient to the order. The hegemony that 
has been internalized in all of us cannot be 
washed away by simply destroying state, 
though this would be a good start. 

All forms of authority shoud be abolished 
and replaced by the social self. Equality can 
only exist under small groups free of coercion. 
Group discussion with no onus on individuals 
to follow consensus is far healthier than mass 
dictated discipline. 


Sentences begin by stringing words together. 
Freedom comes from stringing ideas together 
Free thoughts constructed on free minds. 

This struggle creates Anarchy. 

Those old Greek guys (Socrates. Plato. 
Aristotle) believed the fundamental idea that 
all citizens could not be philosophers. How 
could an Ancient city, or even a modem one, 
have the ability to produce and prosper if all 
its citezenry were to busy thinkin. Only a 
select few must be free-minded, and they will 
rule over the herd. 

"What The Fuck!" you might say. "Are they 
saying that if there were to be real freedom of 
thought the city (nation) would collapse?" 

Interesting way of lookin at it isn't it? It 
sort of implies that by merely reaching for free 
minds we are on our way out of Babylon. 
Perhaps the chance to turn off the 
exploitative, hirarchical, liberal, twenty-four 
hour boob-tube. 

Where is the passion that should 
accompany freedom. How many people arc 
aware of their consumers distributing 
freedom. They are all corrupt jurors getting 
lazy on their fat bribe from the state. 

I can't let myself become a passive 
spectator of history that is dominated by 

I make love to the darkness. I am drawn 
into the blues of the oppression and struggle 
that exists today. 1 slowly, but surely become 
aware ol my own position within society, and 
its relation to the world outside the classroom. 
1 sit in the back of the class and fume as 1 see 
the lies, the double-speak, and the occasional 
truth both lavourable and unfavourable. 

I am drawn into the struggle. My heart, 
mind, and my body are in love with the battle 
for freedom. My consciousness expands and 1 
become aware of my actions, thoughts, and 
surrounding environment. The truth becomes 
clear, and as 1 join my friends, collectively this 

What we have here is a rule of destruction 
masked by lies of decency and democracy. 
Centuries of patriarchal domination have left 
a messed up male race, a beaten up female 
race, a devastated aboriginal race, a 
multi-billion dollar arms race Aid 
a-how-quickly can we destroy all the earth's 
life race. The freedom to be oneself and the 
responsibility to care for one's community has 
been lost in an unnatural order. The order is 
state, structure, symbol and you. A successful 

As potentially Tree minds we must come 
together and pursue the quest tor truth, 
justice, and equality. For regaining liberty and 
community will take a nation of free minds. 
Freedom cannot be authorized. I can't tell you 
what it is as much as you can't tell me what it 
isn't. I can't make rules for you. you can't 
make rules for me. because the choices are 
inside ourselves. 

Cannabis is one method of realizing 
potently the stone in ourselves. The stone in 
ourselves is our energy source, what makes us 
go according to the rythym of our hearts. 1 
don't care about how much of something you 
or I ingest. Quantity isn't a question of 
focusness. The more l climb up a mountain 
the more countryside I see. As I ascend my 
focus might fog. Fog is just dense skv between 
two or more parameters of myself. Many sober 
people never leave this fog. Critics of ganja 
smoking that I've come across fall into two 
groups. The First group are those herb 
opponents who cherish their unilinear clarity 
so much they seem fogged. The other group 
are those tokers who are concerned with 
questions of quantity because they ignore the 
stone in themselves. Like the cool, refreshing 
leeling of Filtered water sliding down the 
gullet, absorbing space, activating dry energy, 
the herb enhances the world's infinite 
creations of which the self is the source. 

The answer isn't in poisons like pot or 
ideologies like Anarchism. The answer isn't in 
polilik or ego-power or elite power. Time is 
running out for us to realize that the answer is 
within ourselves as a social species. It’s time 
for us to stop the game of capitalist 
competition. The answer is in joining 
compassion with reason and action. All the 
revolution needs is some strong spirit. 

This issue marks the second volume of The 
Anarchives. As a periodical (newspaper, zinc, 
rag. whatever...) we publish information that 
relates to the lives of radicals struggling for 
freedom in an exploitative system. Through 
The Anarchy Organization we hope to publish 
not only The Anarchives. but various other 
publications in the purpose of spreading the 
word to all our peoples. 

The Anarchy Organization 


r Toronto: Jesse Hirst) 

Peterborough: Jay Terpstra 

The Anarchy Organization is a collective of thinkers 
dedicated to F reedom. We believe in having a good time, 
iving our lives the way we want and the way we should. \ 
Dur presence represents the return oF the radical. 

The Anarchy Organization is First £r Fomnost a voice 
For Freedom. We are not here because we enjoy the Forum 
For debate, slander.or whatever. We’re here as a matter 
T necessity, a matter oF dire urgency. Organizations are 
Dnly valucble when you have a Fight to prepare For. 

We are here because our lives have been interrupted by 
-)egemony,hiearchy, and hate. 

As anarchists we oppose all Forms oF coersion end 

We are calling For the revolution and proposing the 
tools be anarchy, love, reason, fa- the pursuit oF tbe goals 
justice, individual Freedom,and community living. We are ar 
Dpen, loving society dedicated to change. We need people 
to help us with tbe monstrous task we and the rest oF the 
A'orld Face. |F you like having a good time, using your 
Toggin, and have thedesire For Freedom, give us a ring... 
The Anarchy Organization 

P.O. Qgx 64664 
Toronto Ont. M69 TTO 

"The abolition of the Church and the State must be the first and indispensable condition of the true liberation ot 
society; only after this can society be organised in another manner, but not from the top downwards and according 
to some ideal plan, dreamed up by a few sages and scholars, and certainly not by decrees issued by some dictatorial 
Dower or even by a national assembly elected by universal suffrage. As I have already shown, such a system would 
,ead inevitably to the creation of a new state,and consequently to the formation of a governemental aristocracy, that 
is to say a whole class of individuals having nothing in common with the mass of the people, which would 
immediately begin to exploit and subdue that people in the name of the commonwealth or in order to save the 
State." M.Bakunin, God And The State 

We are open to contributions ranging from 
the creative, to the intensely analytical. Our 
attitudes towards submissions reflect our 
attitudes towards life. That is feel free to give 
us whatever you want. There should be no 
limits to language or prose or intelectual 
exploration and development. We welcome all 
voices of liberation. 

We are planning our next issue to focus on 
the struggle for women's liberation. Please 
help us create a well rounded perspective on 
this issue by submitting something. 

Similarly any other help, be it labour or 
financial would also be greatly appreciated. 
We grow as you grow. 

Escape from Babylon... 

on h)U/^n Birins 

"Give me crack, anal sex; 

take the only tree that's left 

stuff it up the hole in your culture. 

Give me back my burning wall, 
giye me Stalin and St. Paul 
I've seen the future brother 
and its murder." 

- Leonard Cohen "The Future" 


The governments of most States are waging 
war on human beings, this war is often waged 
through "laws" which are supposedly designed 
to protect human welfare but are actually 
instruments of repression and violence, the 
laws around drugs are an excellent case in 

point. A small group of people, the power 
elite, have deceived the majority regarding the 
use of marijuana. The power elite, and thus 
the state arc waging a violent war on peaceful 
human beings who wish to explore other 
forms of knowing, forms which the power elite 
want repressed. These "other" forms of 
knowing threaten the forms which the state 
relies upon to maintain power. The power of 
the state derives cxlusively form psychological 
manipulation, or to put it frankly, its all in 
your mind. 

The first thing that happened to me when 1 
began using pot seriously (ie, past that 
teenage phase when you get wrecked with the 
gang and giggle for two hours but a serious 
experiment of prolonged periods) was 1 began 
questioning everything that I once held as 
true or that once held me from thinking. More 
than that, I began to push my intellect farther 
because 1 no longer feared it. Imagination 
opened up as the ordered thought broke down. 


an anarchist perspective 

The debate about drug use in this country 
is usually framed in terms of continued 
criminalization vs legalization, the positions in 
this debate mean continued harassment, 
including arrests, imprisonment, theft of 
property, and possibly in the near future. 

The Anarcbives 
A production of 
The Anarchy Organization 

Published sporadically, ie whenever we 
get our shit together. 

Submissions of all sorts welcome... 

Thank;: All those still needing thanks 
after two years of this shit. 

Internet thanks: Spunk Press and Jack 
Jansen,, methomas at 
netcom, alt.hemp, alt.cnarchy, ecf, 
wuarchive, tme, and of course the 
beautif ul yakimov. 

Check out the Anarchist Discussion 
Croup, every other thrusday at 
Dicbolos at the University Of 
Toronto. All are welcome. 

Peace to: Phred, Coud, D.E.A.D., 
nobody. Jab Allmighty, and Ella, cause 
she's cool. 

execution of drug dealers and users, vs legal 
regulation of drug use and sales, similar to 
that of alcohol and cigarettes, including heavy 
taxation, and restraints on where, when and 
to whom drugs can be sold. Both of these 
positions are based on the same assumption, 
government has the right to tell individuals 
what they can and cannot do. While 
legalization would surely be preferable to 
continued criminalization, 
there is a third alternative: 
decriminalization and^ 

Decriminalization and 
deregulation of drugs would 
mean no laws against drugs, 
no government regulation of 
drugs sales and use. no 
arrests, no prisons, no taxes. 

Eliminating drug laws, instead 

of simply replacing them with, th b refusing to be a serva nt 
diflerent laws, would produce husband, 

a free market in drugs where \ * 

people would be free to sell. famd y> etc > ^ makln g her hfe 

well as remove the excuse police use to 
terrorize black people. 

Decriminalization and deregulation and the 
resultant competitive market in drugs would 
produce purer and safer drugs, eliminating 
much of the death and illness associated with 
drug use, most of which is caused by 
contamination of drugs or needles, and 
unreliable drug strength, not by the nature ol 
the drug itself. Heroin is no 

'Woman can give suffrage or the ballot 
no new quality, nor can she receive 
anything from it that will enhance her 
own quality. Her development, her 
freedom, her independence, must come 
from and through herself. First, by 
asserting herself as a personality and not 
as a sex commodity. Second, by refusing 
the right of anyone over her body; by 
refusing to bear children, unless she 

more dangerous than 
aspirin if it is carefully 
prepared without 
dangerous additives and 
injected with a sterile 
needles. And aspirin 
overdose can kill as easily 
(as heroin overdose, it just 
takes longer and feels 
worse. Decriminalizing 
needle use would virtually 
eliminate the transmission 
of AIDS among IV drug 
users, as has been the 

UCUUlt WUUIU UV^ 11^ 0^11. I - , - , , I--- 

ingest, or inject whatever theyf lm P ler but dee P er and ncher - That ls - Experience in the 38 

wished, without government 
interference. Drug use is a 
voluntary, non-violent 
activity, and should be an 
individual decision, the 
business of no one but the 

trying to learn the meaning and 
substance of life in all its complexities, 
by freeing herself from the fear of public 
opinion and public condemnation. Only 
that, and not the ballot, will set woman 
free, will make her a force hitherto 
user. Government has taken it unknown in the world, a force for real 
upoh itself to regulate drug | 0V e, for peace, for harmony; a force of 
use. just as it regulates divine fire, of life giving; a creator of 

alcohol use. restricts abortion, f ree men an( j women" 

and registers and draiis Emma Goldman Quoted in Z Magazine 

people, in order to better 
control people. 

[luly/Aug. 1989 issue. 

Criminalization of drugs has produced, jtjst 
as prohibition of alcohol did. an enormous 
amount of violent crime. MosTof this crime is 
motivated by the need to obtain money to pay 
the artificially inhaled price of illegal drugs. 
This drug-associated crime is then used as an 
excuse for police to indiscriminately harass 
young black men. stopping and searching, and 
frequently arresting them on the street, for no 
reason other than that they live in a "high 
crime" area. Doing away with drug laws 
would dramatically lower the cost of drugs 
and thereby eliminate most street crime, as 

American states which do 
not restrict sale of sterile 
needles. Needle exchange 
programs are not enough: 
there need to be more 
needles available to 
eliminate needle sharing. 

Besides abolishing laws 
against recreational drugs, 
eliminating government 
regulation of "therapeutic" 
drugs would also benefit 
people. The FDA prevents 

many drugs from reaching the market, 
including treatments for AIDS, cancer and 
other serious illnesses. And those that do 
eventually become available are delayed for 
years by FDA rules, while thousands die. The 
government is currently responsible for 
restrictions on aerosolized pentamidine, a drug 
which prevents Pneumocystis carinii 
pneumonia, the most frequent cause of death 
in people who have AIDS. Just as drug laws 
lead to deaths associated with street drugs and 
keep people from obtaining sterile needles to 
prevent transmission of AIDS, drug laws are 

killing people with AIDS by denying them 
effective treatment. Drug laws in this country 
are also preventing marketing of newly 
developed abortifacients, drugs which induce 
abortion early in pregnancy, freeing women 
from their current reliance on the medical 
establishment for abortion services, these 
drugs would put the decision about abortion 
where it belongs: with the individual. 

Eliminating drug laws would greatly 
increase people's options in the areas of 
pleasure and health. It would also reduce 
crime, reduce death and illness associated 
with illegal drug use, and reduce deaths from 
AIDS and other serious illnesses. Individuals 
should be free to make their own decisions 
about drug use. and all other aspects of their 
lives, without the interference of government 
or"the community".“ 

Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade (BAD 

PO Box 1323 

Cambridge, MA 02238 


the arts will probe the frontiers of 
understanding and try tocreate alternatives to 
the conventional assumptions. If, in somefield 
of inquiry this is no longer true, then the field 
will be abandoned by those who seek 
intellectual adventure. These observations are 
clichVes that few will question—except in the 
study of man and society. The social critic 
who seeks to formulate a vision of a more just 
and human social order, and is concerned 
with the discrepancy—more often, the 
chasm—that separates this vision from the 
reality that confronts him. is a frightening 
creature who must "overcome his alienation" 
and become "responsible," "realistic." and 
"pragmatic." To decode these expressions: he 
must stop questioning our values and 
threatening our privilege. He may be 
concerned with technical modilicatTons of' 
existing society 7 that improve its efficiency and 
blur its inequities, but he must not try to 
design a radically different alternative and 
involve himself in an attempt to bring about 
social change. He must, therefore, abandon 

ChjOWSKY on 

In its relation to 
society, a free university 
should be expected to be, 
in a x sense, "subversive." 
We take it for granted that 
creative work in any field 
will challenge prevailing 
orthodoxy. A physicist 
who refines yesterday's 
experiment, an engineer 

who merely seeks to 

the path of creative 
inquiry as it is 
conceived in other 
domains. It is hardly 
necessary to stress that 
this prejudice is even 
more rigidly 
institutionalized in the 
state socialist societies. 
Obviously, a free mind 
may fall into error: the 
social critic is no less 
immune to this 
possibility that the 
inventive scientist or 
artist. It may be that at 

improve existing devices, ~ j a gj ven sla g C 0 f 

"It \i the rE^Jhiibilit^ df intEllEctuak td ^Eak 
thE truth and E*j>d£E Uel" — NdaM CkdHiky 

an artist who limits technology. Lhemost 

himself to styles and techniques that have important activity is to improve the internal 
been thoroughly explored, is rightly regarded combustion engine, and that at a given stage 
as deficient in creative imagination. Exciting of social evolution, primary attention should 

work in science, technology, scholarship.or be given to the study of fiscal measures that 

will improve the operation 
of the sytem of state 
capitalism of the Western 
democracies. This is 
possible, but hardly 

"Nor do piecemeal steps however well 

In regard to propaganda the 

itended, even partially resolve problems thatbarly advocates of universal 

have reached a universal, global and 
catastrophic character. If anything, partial 
' solutions" serve merely as cosmetics to 

obvious, in either case. The honceal thedeep seated nature of the 

• • a • rr r i I 

universities offer freedom 
and encouragement to 
those who question the 
first of these assumptions, 
but more rarely to those 
who question the second. 

ecological crisis. They thereby deflect public 
attention and theoretical insight from an 
adequate understanding of the depth and 
scope of the necessary changes." 

"If we do not do the impossible, we shall be 

wiiu question tile 5>ecunu. fa€ed ^ the unthinkable." 

The reasons are fairly clear. Murray . BooUchin , ta The Ecology of Freedo 
Since the dominant voice (Palo Alto: cheshire Books , 982) 

in any society is that of - 

the beneficiaries of the status quo, the with the unreal. 

lobal and literacy and a free press 

nytlung, partial envisaged only two 

cosmetics to possibilities: the propaganda 

ure of the might be true, or it might be 

reby deflect public f a i se . They did not foresee 

isight from an w hat in fact has happened, 

the depth and above all in our 

a 8 es * Westemcapitalist democracies 

ssible, we shall be ^ development of a vast 

' . . _ . mass communications industry. 

Ecology oi Freedom , . . . . 

Jr concerned in the main neither 

—---with the true nor the false, but 

with the unreal, the more or less totally irrelevant. 

"alienated intellectual" who tries to pursue 
the normal path of honest inquiry—perhaps 
falling into error on the way—and thus often 
finds himselfchallenging the conventional 
wisdom, tends to be a lonely figure.The degree 
of protection and support afforded him by the 
university is, again, a measure of its success in 
fulfilling its proper function in society. It is. 
furthermore, a measure of the willingness of 
the society to submit its ideology and 
structure to critical analysis and evaluation, 
and of its willingness to overcome inequities 
and defects that will be revealed by such a 

In a word, they failed to take into account man's 
almost infinite appetite for distractions 
Only the vigilant can maintain their liberties, 
and only those who are constantly and 
intelligently on the spot can hope to govern 
themselves effectively by democratic procedures. 
A society, most of whose members spend a great 
part of their time, not on the spot, not here and 
now and in the calculable future, but somewhere 
else, in the irrelevant other worlds of sport and 
soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical 
fantasy, will find it hard to resist the 
enroachments of those who would manipulate and 
control it. 


In their propaganda today's dictators rely for 
the most part on repetition, suppression and 
rationalization — there petition of catchwords 

Today the press is still legally free; but most of 
the little papers have disappeared. The cosvof 
wood-pulp, of modemprinting machinery and of 
syndicated news is too high for theLittle Man. In 
the totalitarian East there is political 
censorship,and the media of mass communication 
are controlled by the state. In the democratic West 
there is economic censorship and the media of 
mass communication are controlled by members 
of the Power Elite. Censorship by rising costs 
and the concentration of communication power in 
the hands of a few big concerns is less 
objectionable than State ownership and 
government propaganda; but certainly it is not 
something of which a Jeffersonian democrat 
could possibly approve. 

which they wish to be accepted as true, the 
suppression of facts which they wish to be 
ignored, the arousal and rationalization of 
Passions which may be used in the interests of the 
Party or the State. As the art and science of 
manipulation come to be better understood, the 
dictators of the future will doubtless learn to 
combine these techniques with the non-stop 
distractions which, in the West, are now 
threatening to drown in a sea of irrelevance the 
rational propaganda essential to the maintenance 
of individual liberty and the survival of 
democratic institutions. 

Aldous Huxley, 1958 
"Brave New World Revisited" 

From: John Oleynick <> 

SA\OKin6 POPE ^nb the 

From: Sol Lightman 

The following Ls the text of a pamphlet 1 wrote for 
an organization at UMASS amherst 

It is an attempt to point out some of the 
absurdities in the 

marijuanais-bad-for-you-like-cigarettes bullshit, as 
well as take a few cheap (but well aimed) shots at 
the tobacco industry, ft is written from a 
pro-marijuana-relegalization perspective, and if you 
want a copy, mail us a Self Addressed Stamped 
Envelope, (we're poor.) 

An address and some sources are at the end. 

So. you thought it was the tar that caused 

Think again. Cigarette companies will have you 
believ ing anything just as long as you continue to 
buy their products. The fact is. although insoluble 
tars are a contributing factor to the lung cancer 
danger present in today's cigarettes, the real danger 
is radioactivity. According to U.S. Surgeon General 
C. Everette Koop (on national television, 1990) 
radioactivity, not tar. accounts lor at least 90% of all 
smoking related lung cancer.- 

Tobacco crops grown in the United States are 
fertilized by law with phosphates rich in radium 
226. In addition, many soils hav e a natural radium 
226 content. Radium 226 breaks down into two 
long liv ed 'daughter 4 elements - lead 210 and 
polonium 210. These radioactive particles become 
airborne, and attach themselves to the line hairs on 
tobacco leaves. 

Studies have 
shown that lead 
210 and 
polonium 210 
accumulate in 
the bodies of 
people exposed 
to cigarette 
smoke. Data 
collected in the 
late 1970’s 
shows that 
smokers have 

three times as much of these elements in their lower 
lungs as non smokers. Smokers also show a greater 
accumulation ol lead 210 and polonium 210 in 
their skeletons.though no studies have been 
conducted to link these deposits with bone cancer. 
Polonium 210 is the only component of cigarette 
smoke which has produced tumors by itself in 
inhalation experiments with animals. When a 
smoker inhales tobacco smoke, the lungs react In¬ 
forming irritated areas in the bronchi. All smoke 
produces this effect Howev er, although these 
irritated spots are referred to as 'pre-cancerous' 
lesions, they are a perfectly natural defense system 
and usually go away with no adverse effects. 
Insoluble tars in tobacco smoke can slow this 
healing process by adhering to lesions and causing 
additional irritation. In addition, tobacco smoke 
causes the bronchi to constrict for long periods of 
time, which obstructs the lung's ability to clear itself 
of these* residues. 

Polonium 210 and lead 210 in tobacco smoke 
show a tendency to accumulate at lesions in specific 
spots, called bifurcations, in the bronchi. When 
smoking Ls continued for an extended period of time, 
deposits of radioactivity turn into radioactiv e 'hot 
spots' and remain at bifurcations for years. 

Polonium 210 emits highly localized alpha 
radiation which has been shown to cause cancer. 
Since the polonium 210 has a half life of 21.5 years 
(Due to the presence of lead 210). it can put an 
ex-smoker at risk for years after he or she quits. 

I Experiments measuring the level of polonium 210 
in victims ol'lung cancer found that the level of'hot 
spot' activity was v irtually the same in smokers and 
ex-smokers ev en though the ex-smokers had quit 
live years prior to death. 

Over half of 
the radioactiv e 
materials emitted 
by a burning 
cigarette are 
released into the 
air. where they 
can be inhaled by 
non-smokers. In 
addition to lead 
210 and 
polonium 210 it 
has been prov en 
that tobacco 
smoke can cause 

airborne radioactive particles to collect in the lungs 
of both smokers and non-smokers exposed to second 
hand smoke. Original studies conducted on 
uranium miners which showed an increased risk of 
lung cancer due to exposure to radon in smokers 
have been re-run to evaluate the radioactive lung 
cancer risk from indoor air radon. It turns out that 
tobacco smoke works as a kind of'magnet' for 
airborne radioactive particles, causing them to 
deposit in your lungs instead of on furniture. 
(Smoking indoors increases lung cancer risks 

It has been estimated that the total accumulated 
alpha radiation exposure of a park-a-day indoor 
smoker is 38 to 97 rad by age 60. (Two packs a day 
yields up to 14} rad. and non-smokers receive no 
more than 17 rad.) An exposure of 1 rad per year 
y ields a 1 % risk of lung cancer (at the lowest 

Don't smoke. Or if you do. smoke lightly, 
outdoors, and engage frequently in activities which 

will clearyour lungs. Imported India tobacco has 
less than half the radiation content of that grown in 
the l I.S. 

Kicking the nicotine habit is not easy, and 
nobody has the right to expect it of you. Often 
physical addictions are reinforced by emotional and 
psychological needs, lolling or coming to terms 
with those needs can give you the inspiration and 
added freedom to succeed. 

Most of all. inform yourself, even if the t 
information is disturbing. You am a lot less likely to 
be taken in by tobacco advertising once you know 
the facts. 

Nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco smoke, 
has long been known to be highly addictive. In fact 
doctors and pharmacologists are not in consensus 
as to which is more addictive- nicotine, or heroin. 
Physical addiction occurs when a chemical becomes 
essential for the body or metabolism to function. In 
other words, a substance is said to be physically 
addictive if extended use results in a huild up of 
tolerance in the body to the extent that 
discontinuing use of the substance results in 

negative side ell'ects. Called "withdrawal symptoms." 
these consequences can include anxiety, stress, 
trauma, depression and physical conditions such as 
shakes or nausea. It is to avoid these consequences 
that an addict will keep using his or her substance. 

In addition to being addictive, nicotine is also a 
toxin (i.e. lethal if ingested in sullicient quantities.) 
Nicotine has been shown to have a negative effect 
on the heart and circulatory systems, causing a 
constriction in veins and arteries which ma}' lead to 
a stroke or heart attack. In fact, nicotine is so 
poisonous that smokers who ignore their doctor’s 
advice and continue to smoke while using dermal 
nicotine patches have managed to overdose and die 
of heart seizure. 

Many people think smoking marijuana is just as 
harmful as smoking tobacco, but this is not true. 
Those who hold that marijuana is equivalent to 
tobacco are misinformed. Due to the efforts of 
various federal agencies to discourage use of 
marijuana in the 1970's the government, in a lit of 

"reefer madness." conducted several biased studies 
designed to return results that would equate 
marijuana smoking with tobacco smoking, or 

For example the Berkeley carcinogenic tar studies 
of the late 197()'s concluded that "marijuana is 
one-and-a-half times as carcinogenic as tobacco." 
This finding was based soleh T on the tar content of 
cannabis leaves compared to that of tobacco, and 
did not take radioactivity into consideration. 
(Cannabis tars do not contain radioactive materials.) 
In addition, it was not considered that: 

1) Most marijuana smokers smoke the bud, not 
the leaf, of the plant. The bud contains only 33% 
as much tar as tobacco. 

2) Marijuana smokers do not smoke anywhere 
near as much as tobacco smokers, due to the 
psychoactive effects of cannabis. 

3) Not one case of lung cancer has ever been 
successfully linked to marijuana use. 

4) Cannabis, unlike tobacco, does not cause any 
narrowing of the small air passageways in the 

1 ANARCHISM (from the Creek an- and arche. contrary to authority), the name given to the principle or 
theory oflile and conduct under which society is conceived without government - harmony in such a 
society being obtained, not by submission to law. or by obedience to any authority, but by tree agreements 
concluded between the various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted for the sake of 
production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the inlinite variety of needs and aspirations of a 
civilized being. Deter Kropotkin (1842-1921) _ 

heard were hard pressed to 
produce collaborating 
evidence, and were 
eventually convinced it was 
nothing to worn' about 
The power of the cigarette 
industry to suppress 
information goes tar beyond 
magazines, however. A well 
financed tobacco lobby has 
been very active in the 
l Inited States Congress lor 
decades procuring subsidies 
and lighting laws and 
proposed research which 
could hurt the American 
tobacco industry. Tobacco 
interests practically own 
Senate and House seals, as 
mam' campaign 
contributions come from 
cigarette profits, 'tobacco 
payoffs also go to fund 
organizations such as the 
Partnership For A 

"By keeping coffee legal, society has avoided extortionate black market prices |)|-yg ( ’pc'C America, 
that might otherwise bankrupt coffee drinkers and lead them into lives ol crime. vvhiCh adopt a harsh 
Edward M. Brecher Licit and Illicit Drugs, 1972 anti-drug agenda VCl 

In fact, marijuana has been 
shown to be an expectorant 
and actually dilates the air 
channels it comes in contact 
with. This is why many 
asthma sufferers look to 
marijuana to prot ide relief. 

Doctors have postulated that 
marijuana may, in this 
respecL be more effective than 
all of the prescription drugs on 
the market. 

Studies even show that due 
to marijuana's ability^o clear 
the lungs of smog, pollutants, 
and cigarette smoke, it may 
actually reduce your risk of 
emphysema, bronchitis, and 
lung cancer. Smokers of 
cannabis have been shown to 
outliv e non- smokers in some 
areas by up to two years. 

Medium to heavy tobacco 
smokers will live seven to ten 
years longer if 
they also 

Cannabis Is 

also radically different from tobacco in that it does 
not contain nicotine and is not addictive. The 
psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. THC. has 
been accused of causing brain and genetic damage, 
b^it these studies have all been disproves In fact, 
the DEA's own Administrative law Judge Francis 
Young has declared that "marijuana in its natural 
form is far safer than many foods we commonly 
consume." t 

The disturbing thing about all of this information 
is that the majority of Americans are as yet j 
unaware of the radioactive risk in cigarettes. In lack 
many professionals: doctors, scientists and health 
administrators, cither have never heard of polonium 
210 or consider it to be just another scare story. 

Why is this information so hard to come by? 
When the studies were first released in the late 70's, 
many magazines were unable to print articles 
because their main advertisers, cigarette companies, 
threatened to pull support if they published the facts. 
Although network news did pick up the story, 
virtually nothing came out in print Those who 

seem to omit alcohol 

and tobacco (claiming they am harmless.) 

As an example, a 1984 law which was intended 
to require tobacco companies to release to the public 
a list of additives used in the manufacture of 
cigarettes was watered down to the extent that the 
list is now released only to the Department of Health 
and Human Sen ices on the condition that it not be 
shown to anyone else. Companies hav e been 
known in the past to add chemicals to cigarettes for 
llavor. and. many assert, for their addictiv e 
properties. In Britain such chemicals have included 
acetone and turpentine, as well as an assortment ol 
known carcinogens. Tobacco companies argue 
that revealing their'secret ingredients' would hurt 
their competitiveness. In fact when Canada passed 
legislation forcing additive lists to be released, one- 
large company reformulated its recipe for its 
Canadian distribution; another Ux>k its product out 
of Canada entirely. 

Tobacco companies do not have the right to 
poison the public. Don’t trust them. Get the 


information you need to make your own decisions, 
and restore government to the people. 

Another destructive aspect of the Drug War is the 
unreasonable measures taken as a result of "reefer 
madness." Because of the long standing 
anti-pot-smoking paranoia begun in the 193()'s. 
many law enforcement agencies have taken it upon 
themselves to censor and limit the marijuana 
culture through whatever channels they can find. 
This includes the banning of various forms of drug 
"paraphernalia" (pipes, clips, rolling papers, etc.) 
Water pipes, or "bongs." are quite often the target of 
such efforts. Claiming that water pipes are 
constructed to allow marijuana smokers to inhale 
"dangerous" marijuana smoke deeper into their 
lungs. man> states and towns have passed laws 
controlling the sale, manufacture, and possession of 
these items lor "health" reasons. The sad tact is. 
water pipes have been shown to be extremely 
ettectixe in removing harmful materials from smoke 
belore it reaches the lungs. They also ax)l the 
smoke and prevent injury and irritation to lung 
passages. In elleck laws against water pipes hurt all 
smokers, cannabis and tobacco, by preventing the 
development of safer ibrms of consumption. 

Produced as a public service by the University of 
Massachusetts at Amherst Cannabis Reform 
Coalition Researched and written by Brian S. Julin 
Corrections, comments, inquiries should be 
addressed to: ' 

11 MASS CANNABIS S.A.O. Box #2 Student 
Union UMASS Amherst. MA OKXH 



o F.A. Martel, "Alpha Radiation Dose at 
Bronchial Bifurcations From Indoor Fxposure to 
Radon Progeny". Proceeds of the National Academy 
of Science. Vol. 80. pp. 1285-1289. Manchjl 98 5. o 
Naoimi H. Harley. Beverly S. Cohen, and T.C. Tso. 
"Polonium 210: A Questionable Risk Factor in 
Smoking Related Carcingenisis." o "Radiactivily: the 

Life Times. Mid-April/May 198 5. (secret 


o "What Goes Up In Smoke?." Nation. December 
23. 1991. 


o The Emperor Wears No Clothes." Jack Hcrer. 
HEM P/Queen of Clubs Publishing. 1992 

Brief Prepared by UMASS CANNABIS 
xerdant^, titan, 

Reprinted without permission from the 
"Canadian Whole Earth Almanac" Vol #3no. 1 


by Georg Heinrich von Langsdorf 
Frankfurt 1809 

Ed Note: Although this issue is primarily on dope, 
vou cannot leave out the beautiful substance of 
shroonis. It deserves at least this honourable 

The plant kingdom is of immeasurable influence 
and usefulness lor mankind, since it supplies most of 
our clothing. food, drink, and shelter.The medical 
science of primitive people consists entirely in their 
knowIcdgeof the more or less efficacious plants, and 
everyday experiance eonlirmsthe fact that even a 
number oi plants native ot our own regions arc 
known to mam uneducated nations almost more 
thouroighly than the}- are to us. 

To demonstrate this assertion. I should like to say 
at this pointsomething about the fly-agaric, which 
we regard as extremely poisionous butwhich is used 
by various inhabitants of northeastern Asia as an 


Danger in 
Reader’s Digest 
March 198b. o 
"Would You Still 
Rather Light 
Switch?." Whole 

intoxicantjust as wine, brandy, arrack, opium, kava. 
and the like are used by othemations. 

The Kamchacals gather them usually during the 
hottest months oljuly and August: they maintain 
that those that dn themselfs in the earth.on the 
stalk, and that are somewhat furry and velvety to 
the touch on theunderside of the cap have a far 
stronger narcotic effect than those pickedfoesh and 
strung up to dry in the air. 

The smaller mushrooms, which are bright red 
and covered withmany white wart)' protuberances, 
are said to be far stronger in narcotic power than the 
larger ones, which are pale red and have few white 

talkative, his speech nerves are now in constant 
activity, and he involuntarily blurts out secrets, fully 
consious of his actions and aware of his secret but 
unable to hold his nerves in check. In this condition 
a man who is fond of dancing dances anda 
music-lover sings incessantly. Others run or walk 
quite involuntarily, without any intention of 
moving, to places where they do not wish to go at 

Equally remarkable and strange is the extremely 
subtle andclusivc narcotic substance contained in 
fly-agarics, which retains itseffeetiveness 
permenantly and can be transmitted to other 
persons: thceffect of the urine form eating one of the 

What do I think of the American flag? Soak it in heroin, and I'll suck it. 

- William Burroughs 

The usual way to consume fly-agarics is to dry 
them and thento swallow them at one gulp, rolled 
up into a ball, without chewing Liiem;chewing 
fly-agarics is considered harmful, since it is said to 
cause digestive disturbances. 

The body's predisposition or susceptability to the 
intoxcicatingeffeet of fly-agarics appercntiy is not 
the same at all times, since thesame person may 
sometimes be strongly affected by a single 
mushroom and at other times remaining completely 
unaffected alter twelve to twenty of them. 

Ordinarily, however, one large fly-agaric or two 
small ones are enough to make an enjoyable day. 

The narcotic effect begins to manifest itself about 
a hal^hour alter eating, in a pulling and jerking of 
the muscles or a so-called tendonjump (although 
sometimes these effects appear only alter an hour or 
two): this is gradually followed by a sense of 
swimming befoer the eyes.dbainess. ami sleep. 
During this time, people who have eaten 
largequantity of mushrooms often suffer an attack of 
vomiting. The rolled-up mushrooms previously 
swallowed whole are then vomited out in a 
swollen,large, and gelatinous form but even though 
not a single mushroom remainsin the stomach, the 
fly-agaric eating are, in fact intensified. Many other 
persons never vomiL ev en after eating copiously ol 
the mushrooms. 

The nerves are highly stimulated, and in this 
state the slightest effort of will produces very 
powerful effects. Consequently', if one wishes to step 
over a small stick or straw, he steps and jumps as it 
the obstacles were tree trunks. If a man is ordinarily 

same mushrooms can be transmitted to a second 
person, the urine affects a third, and similarly, 
unchanged by the organs of this animal secretion, 
the effect appears in a fourth and a fifth person. Ely 
agaric is also the kind of mushnxjm that Vikings 
tix)k to enter the"beserker" state lor battle. The 
Icelandic name for the fly agaric contains the won! 
'berserk' in it. 


Ed Note: These guvs seem as if they're up to some 
oood. Their attraction lies in their i/limitation ot 
the great black panthers. They sound as if they 
genuinely w ish to represent the struggle for 
legalization. 1 wouldn't send them money though. 

Dear 1 Yiend: Resistance is IT IN! If there's 
anything universal about pot-smokers, it's our love 
offiaving fun—alter all. isn't that what file's all about? 
While weattJREEN PANTHERS! realize the 
seriousness of our government and the war they 
have declared on us. we believ e that we hav e found 
ways to combine something as critical as our very 
liberty with oureiesirc lor fun. (1REEN PANTHERS! 
has been working full time for four y ears 
resistingdrug war oppression, and we're hav ing a 
great time at it! If we weren't, we would probably 
go out and get well paying jobs, grow a lewplanls in 
our closet and say to heck with ev erybody else. Take 
a look at a lew examples of GREEN PANTHERS! 

Crealive! nterference. our method of 
"monkeywrenehing" the War on Drugs, and see if 
thc>' don't look like a good time to you: 

*Morc than 3(X) Stop the Drug War stickers 
suddenly appear on traffic signs in a midwest city. 
Newspapers report pusoded police. 

^Disappointed buyers lind that all of the cars 
ottered at a seized vehicle auction have been 
mysteriously vandalized and turned into "mechanics 
specials" and scrap yard junk. 

*A drug paraphernalia display disappears 
overnight from a police anti-drug exhibit at a state 
fair. *A Drug-Free Amerika telethon's income is 
reduced by S3Q million because of a GREEN 
PANTHERS! initiated phone zap of their 1-8CX) 
donation line. 

*An underground communication network 
effectively cuts an expected asset seizure of S1(X) 
million to one-tenth of the anticipated bounly. You 
can imagine the thrill these activists telt by pulling 
off these actions, and if you're not striking back, 
you're missing theaction-and the fun! It’s great to 
attend a pro-pot rally and for the media to show the 

crowd smoking pot and maybe even give the story a 
favorable slant but that's nothing compared to the 
rush you led when the media reports a real blow to 
the government's War on Drugs without a clue as to 
who you are! Politicians talk softly while police 
thugs kick down dtxjrs. Drug Czar lee Brown has 
called for an end to using war analogies lor drug 
enforcement, all the while adding KX).(XX) new 
cops with guns. But a war by any other name is still 
a war. More cops, more prisons.more intrusion into 

our homes and harsher laws all focused on people 
whose only crime is smoking harmless hemp 
tlowers. It's time to do more than hide in our houses 
getting stoned and wishing for legal pot. It's time for 
direct action from the oppressed. Our government 
the one we grew up believing was democratic and 
fair, is stripping pot smokers by the millions of their 
jobs, their homeland their freedom. GREEN 
PANTHERS! believ es we must personally stop this 
tyranny, or it's a good bet no one will. Good 
intentions won't do it. but Creative Interference from 
the few, the proud, and the pissed-in every 
neighborhood-will influence an end to the 
oppression of pot smokers. Read our newsletter the 
Revolutionary Toker. You will lind usable 
information to protect yourself, your loved ones, and 
your property from the government and its War on 
Drugs. We invite you to join with us. When you 
join, we'll supply you withthe latest tools, tactics 
and political focus necessary to understand and 
resist oppression right where you live. Our voice. 

Rev olutionary Toker. will give you updates and 
information unavailable virtually anywhere else. 

The information you need 
to take it to the streets. Be 
all that you can be. Be a 
revolutionary toker! We 
look forward to hearing 
from you soon. 

In solidarity. 
loey Glover & Terry 

National Coordinators 
P.S. When you sign up. 
we'll also send you a copy of 
our highly reviewed activist 
handbook, the GREEN 
Manual, which is packed 
with resistance ideas and 
facts that may save your 

stash and your butt 

P.P.S. So join the tun! Join the GREEN 
PANTHERS! today. You gotta tight for your right to 

lire Information Flyers: 

Defeating Urine Drug Tests 
Raid-Proofing Your Home 
1 -8(X) ZAP numbers for anti-drug groups 

To obtain a copy send a sell-addressed stamped 
envelope to 


P.O. Box 31231. Cincinnati. OH 45231 


The decade of the 90s demands a new focus and 
a determination of just what is required lor survival 
into the 21st century, and whether we shall enter 
the century as free people or as slaves. Today we see 
genocide against hemp and other plants as a 
national policy, and the repression of subcultures a 
national pastime. 

Bom in the knowledge that at least 10 million 
U.S. citizens regularly frigest marijuana (hemp) to 
medicate themselves, the GREEN PANTHERS! was 
formed to provide leadership, resources and political 
focus to this sleeping giant army of marijuana 
users-an army many times larger than all the U.S. 
military and police combined. 

The GREEN PANTHERS! come from varied 
backgrounds, but we all agree that the Earth's 
environment must be saved and Elicit the hemp 
plant will play a vital part in the process. We also 
agree that oppression in the name of the W ar on 
Drugs must end at once, and wars fought over 
petroleum must be stopped once and for all. We 
are tired of being harassed, beaten, lined, fired from 
our jobs, forced to piss in jars, sent to concentration 
camps, and having our property seized and sold. 

The marijuana users' nonviolent nature has made 
them easy targets of police oppression. The arrests 
of marijuana users are as high as 4(X).(XX) per year 
with untold suffering at the hands of "corrections 
and enforcement authorities." Many of the GREEN 
PANTHERS! have been victims of such oppression, 
and we have proclaimed "Hell No!" to standing idly 
by while this mayhem continues. 

We spit back the government's declaration of war 
upon us. We declare that we shall resist by 
whatever methods necessary to protect ourselyps. 
our families, our property, and our beloved planet 
Earth; and to regain the liberties lost under this 
fascist agenda disguised as the War on Drugs. 

Bearing these things in mind, we take our 
protests to the streets, to the country side, and to the 
very r doorsteps of our declared enemy who shall 
know no peace until they' let our people go and let 
our people grow! 


V 1.2311/1993 

Ed Note: Most of these addresses seem to he from 
out west. Big smokers there. It may he usefull 
anvwav. If vou w ant the complete international list 
vou can e-mail T.A. O. and we will send it to you. 

So y ou're sick of the "War on Drugs"? Here's an 
international list of organisations which support 
drug law reform. Please distribute this list widely. 
and send in any groups which arc not listed already . 
Take advantage of your democratic rights while you 
still have some! If you're already in a law reform 
organisation, you can use this list to contact others 
with similar interests, and share information or 
facilities, just knowing that there are others 
working on these issues can be a big morale txxrslcr. 
The power of pro-liberty organisations can be 
multiplied many times by fast and efficient 
communication, which spreads news and promotes 
co-ordinated action. Electronic mail and 
conferencing is the most efficient way to achieve 
these necessary abilities, l or example, this list 
doubled its si/e in eighlmonths of circulation over 
the Internet. 1 strongly eneourageactiyc groups and 
individuals to use this powerful technology . This 
listing was originally kicked off with a list of groups 
reproduced with permission_ from the February'. 

1992 issue ofHigh Times_ magazine (contact 
details at the end ofThe listj.Since then, it has grown 
considerably through the kindness ofthose who 
have contributed additional entries, including Chris 
Klausmeier. Macca Macpherson and l)a\e 
Thomson. Please reproduce and distribute widely 
with this acknowledgment. Postit on bulletin 
boards if you can. 

about other active groups notlisled here, or if any 
entries need correction, please e-mail me at 
"aldis(r/ / krdlizec.zeta.()", or mail to the address 
below.for incorporation in future editions of this list. 

AldisOzolsC.m Box 127 SYDNEY 2(X)1 


Note: The Canadian section of the list has 
been revised by Keith Lim. 

Assembly of the Church of the Universe 329 
Wentworth St. North Hamilton, Ontario L8L 5W1 
CANADA (416) 521-1804 (Rev. Bros. Walter A. 
Tucker & Michael A. Baldasaro) Notes: officially 
registered religious organisation 

Anti-Prohibitionist League P.O. Box 8179 
Victoria, B.C. V8W 3R8 CANADA (604) 382-7758 
Canadian Association for the Legalisation of 
Marijuana (C.A.L.M.) (B.C.) R.R. 1, Site 850D, 
Comp 2 Grand Forks, B.C.VOH 1H0 CANADA 
Canadian Hemp Sales 2000 Inc. R.R. #2Beeton, 
Ontario LOG lAcANADA (416) 729-4771 Notes:/ 
affiliated with NcahML Canada 

Fane of the Ps^kbe Milshroom Association I 
P.O. Box 8179 Vi^g^.C. V8W 3R8 CANAD/J 
Notes: officially r J^^^ftjwreligious oraanizati cij 

Freedom Box 2214, V 

Station A London, CANADA f |S 

(519) 433-8612 Notei^fflSE^stered M 
Ontario political partv^ff^W^fflffa/idual ch(S 
without either condonhSB^^^^^Wlng 

^friends International 

St.V8fo»i»^% er. B.C.V6E 4L2 1 ^^^S^K^Sa v 

League for Ethical Action on Drugs (LEAD) 
Seafair P.O. Box 36522 Richmond, B.C. V7C 5M4 
CANADA (604) 543-8867 flane Anthony, Pres.) 

Libertarian Party of Canada 922 Cloverley St. 
North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 1N3 CANADA (604) 

I .C. Depot 4, P.O. Box 7193 Victoria, 
CANADA (604) 474-4771 (Norm 

Canada R.R. #lKing City, Ontario LOG 
A (416) 833-3167 (Umberto Iorfida) 
77 (Computer line) 

Canadians for Hemp Box 293 Uduelet 
3 CANADA (604) 726-7239Notes: See 
itiva's Geniune Hemp 
Free Thinkers (SOdyrf'.O. Box 327 
/vfoundland amtffflSdor (NfLb) AIL 
»A Notes: I^ilSB^E edicated to 
arm. Mposters, letters 

^ELeague for Ethical 
^D) c/o SFSS Clubs 
leaser University Burnaby, 
CTT(604) 291-0360 (Keith Lim, 
W (SPSS General Office: (Keith Lim, Pres.) 
iailing list: - ... ALL 

m hemp legalisation, 
le Hemp and other things 
|ja3A0 CANADA (604) 
Hfiftiws: See also Patriotic 


tiVbKOPOniC 6(^RbEM! 


I've been exploring hydroponic gardening 
lately, and thought y'all might he interested in 
hearing about my setup: 


1 Footlocker or trunk, bigger is belter. 1 
Rubbermaid dishpan that just fits on the 
bottom of the trunk, when the trunk is turned 
on its side (this will make more sense in a few 
minutes. I used a 12 quart one) 3-4 blocks of 
FLORAL FOAM (Preferably agricultural grade, 
as it does not have preservatives, in it. but 
Oasis will do if it is completely rinsed/soaked 
first) 1 Muhin Fan (look in computer surplus 
stores) 1 50 WATT High Fiessure Sodium 
lamp (Or your lamp of choice) 1 roll of tin foil 
Comments on Cost 

If you bought all this stuff, it would run 
about 100 bucks... However. I got my trunk at 
a yard sale for S5. had the 
fan lying around, and 
through some creative 
scrounging on a public bike 
trail late at night, came up 
with the HPS lamp and 
ballast for free. The dishpan 
came from a 'Everything's a 
dollar' store, and foam is 
cheap... I think I spent $30 
total (including fertilizer, 
which I will discuss later) 

What to do with this stuff 
First, cut the handle off of 
one end of the trunk, then 
stand the thing up on that 
end. Sitting it on a phone 
book with the door hanging 
off the end makes it much 
easier to open and close. 

Then install the fan... I put 
mine on the top of the box. 
but It could go in the top 
back corner if light leakage is 
important. A good deal of 

light will be exiling the I an hole (well, more 
than anywhere else)... keep this in mind. I 
also painted the fanblades white in an attempt 
to reflect the light back into the box. but Im 
not sure if it worked... it probably isnt 

Put some intake holes along the bottom of 
the box. these will be covered with foil later, 
so not too much light will be leaking out. 

Cover the entire inside of the box with foil, 
excluding the fan area, and where you plan on 
installing the lamp. I used duct tape to affix it 
to the walls/door, and I LEFT IT 
come through the intake holes. 

Install the lamp! I put mine at the very top 
center of the door, with the bulb sticking 
straight out. so it enters the rest of the box 
when the door is closed. This made it easier 
to wire, but In the future. 1 would put it on 
the back wall ol the box. as less of voiir room 
will be illuminated when you open the thing 
(it's kind of like opening up the sun). 

Thoughts on Lamps 

According to Fd Rosenthol (believe him if 
you want to. ignore him if you dont) HPS 

lamps are some of the best 
growing lamps made, 
especially when efficiency 
is an issue. These lamps 
give off an amberish glow, 
and are often used to 
light parking lots, bike 
trails, etc. The) operate 
on a very high voltage, 
and require a transformer 
or ballast to work. Metal 
Halide lamps (used in 
photographic and 
theatrical lamps) are 
smaller, and much whiter, 
and usually do not require 
ballast, but they use up a 
hell of a lot more energy. 

I used a Flu rescent to 

they had developed 3 sets 
of leaves (about 48 hours 
after germination) This 
was acceptable. 


Now is the time to transplant. 
And transplanting is the glory 
of foam. All you need to do to 
transplant things growing in 
loam, is put the small block of 
loam (with the plant in it) on 
top oj' the larger block . and 
rub them together a lew times. 
The roots will grow out of the 
small cube, and into the bigger 
one in a matter of days. 1 
managed to find loam in 12" 
cubes... cutting these in hall' 
gave me 2 pieces of 

- 12"x12"x 6" foam, and each of 
those can easily hold one 
plant, probably 2. I personally 
grow only one plant in each 
trunk, but 2 smaller ones are 
probably perfectly acceptable. 


When I transplant is when 
I turn on the HPS lamp. It 
then stays on for 24 

- hours/7days until the plant is 
8-1 S inches tall. Then it is 
time to force flowering. This 
can be done by giving the 
plants a 10-16 hour dark 
period in each 24 hour day 
(this should be done using a 
cheap timer like people use 
when they go away on 
vacation in an attempt to foil 
burglers) In a matter of 3 
weeks, sex should be 
apparent on the plants... 
the dark period constant until 
it is time to pick, dry and 
enjoy. " 

A word on water-nutrient 

Floram foam should be 
totally inert, meaning it does 
not provide the plant with 
ANYTHING except something 
for the roots to grow in. Thus 
all nutrients that the plant 
would get from the soil MUST 
be in the water. Head a few 

Next, it is lime to deal 
with the foam and plant. 

1 soak the loam overnight 
in a nutrient-water 
mixture (more on that 
later) after rinsing it 
extremely well. Then 1 cut 
a brick or 2 into 1" cubes, 
and plant one seed in each 
cube. Planting in foam 
means you place the sead 
on the loam, and push it 
in with a small wire or 
something similar, so the 
seed is surrounded as 
much as possible by the 
wet loam. The cubes are 
placed in the dishpan. and 
1/2" of water-nutrient 
mixture is added to the 
pan. The loam will suck up 
water and nutrients as 
necessary, so it is 
important to try to keep 
the water level at about 
1/2". It is better for the 
water to be slightly too 
low (but not dry ) than too 

The seeds can lake as 
long as a week or 10 days 
to germinate, do not worry 
if nothing happens at first, 
and it seems that I never 
get more than about 1 3% 
of my planted seeds to 
sprout. 'This suggests a 
fault somewhere in mv 
system, but I havent 
identilled it y et. no do I 
especially care. I just plant 
a LOT ol seeds, and then 
use the best seedlings for 
my gardening. Usually a 
smoking-buddy or someone 
will take a free marijuana 
seedling off your hands 
with a minimum of hassle. 

About $ days after 
germination, a few pairs of 
leaves should've formed. 

books on hydroponics to figure out what 
mixture suits you best. I personally use a 
liquid plant food that shows on its label an 
N-P-N count of 10-1 5-10. This seems to work 
fairly well for me. 1 know people who use 
20-20-20. and quite a few who use different 
foods during different stages of growth. Read 
up on the subject and decide for yourself. 

Anyway, this was not ment to be a 'HOW 
TO GROW WEED' type of post, but apparently 
it has become one (sort ot). It was ment to 
talk about my grow room, as it was described 
earlier in this post. I have found that a single 
plant can grow to maturity without any 
trouble in this space, and 2 smaller plants 
(forced to flower at about 8 inches, instead of 
the 10-12 that I personally use) would 
probably be ok too. 

This grow room is very 7 portable (unplug it 
and take it with you) clandestine (it looks like 
a trunk to me (not an uncommon thing in a 
college dormatory if you are a student), and it 
can be locked with a padlock) and effective 
(trust me!) 

I assume one could grow using standard 
soil and such in this thing, but I have had 
great success with foam, and it is much easier 
to keep it watered. Rockwool has been 
sugested to me as a medium, but I dont even 
know where to buy it... apparently it is much 
like foam in that it is inert, and transplanting 
is a breeze. 

Happy Growing 

' FOOb FOR TFOCI6hjT... 

according to Mel Frank and "Marijuana 

Grower's Insider's Guide".[quoted without 



Resin itself, or an abundance of resin 
glands, is not a good indictator of potency. A 
mj variety may have copious amounts of resin 
and still be nearly worthless for smoking; 

another variety may have little apparent resin, 
but it may be super-potent. This is because 
much of the resin is made up of inactive 
ingredients, and the resin might contain 
mostly inactive cannaboids. Also, the active 
cannaboids (THC.THCV, etc.) are only 
necessary in amounts small enough that they 
may not be major components in the resin. 
Surprisingly, the few scientific studies that 

have compared the 
concentration of 
resin glands or resin 
to potency have 
found that the 
concentration of 
resin glands was 
correlated with the 
potency (in other 
words, the fact that 
a variety of mj is 
resinous or has a lot 
of resin glands has 
little to do with its 

connoissers actually 
may look for a 
non-resinous but 
very potent variety - 
who need cough 
inducing resin if it 
doesn't add to the 



I am a popular commodity amoung some 
people I know. 1 am the only one who knows 
how to roll a joint. Now this is because 1 tend 
to be older than most of the people who smoke 
dope around me and have a bit more intense 
life lesson than others. 

"Reefer will get you through times of no money, better than 
money will get you through times of no reefer." 

The Fabulous Furry Freak “Brothers 

I like rolling joints. It is a very viscereal 
pleasure, you get to play with the nifty green 
stull and it gives your hands something to do. 
I his is espccialh' nice if it is good if you don't 
wanna gel really stoned but just catch a nice 
buzz and instead of keeping your hands bus) 
smoking you keep 'em bus)’ rolling. 

I like that green stull'. It’s cool, kinda like 
oregano or some other green 
bulk spice but you know it 
aint. It has the smell, strange 
how so mam- people don’t 
groove to it. ahh well learnd 
response, like appreciating 
good scotch. It reminds me of 
harvest day. right after the 
fruit has been reaped and the oils and esthers 
Jill air - Very good green home)’ feel to it. 
Then you get into carding the stuff to lake out 
the seeds and stems and to break it down so it 
will roll effectively. It has to feel right, a bit 
drier than the best feel, where it is so stick) 
with resin that all you can do is load it into a 
bowl and do bong hits until your brain 
goes numb. 

You gotta decide how fine you are 
gonna sift the shake. I know some who 
rcmo\ e e\ errthing until nothing is left 
but a line red dust. I don't like that, it 7 
takes too long, and easues too mail) 

\ olatilcs to be released as you card it. and 
makes really louse) joints that pack too 
lightly and don't draw worth shit. We all roll 
joints to match our personality. m\ joins tend 
to hate stull' in them that shouldn't be there, 
leave things on the tray that SHOULD be. 
double paper walled, kinda fat in the middle, 
nice where it meats the mouth, and lulla 
garbage that gets burnt. 

Once you .got the grass read) you 
them have to get you papers in order. 

The way I learned to make a joint was 
to make a boat out of the paper. Take 
the paper in you hand so that the 
gummed side is up and the crease is , 
aw ay from you. the short sides are called 
edges and the long sides are called sides. You 
fold the end towards the side, each in turn, 
first you Lake the left edge and you fold it 
about the top corner ol that edge, bringing the 
lower corner up to where it meets the top side 

and the edge is perfectly in line with the side. 

I hen you do the same thing about the bottom 
corner, and then you do it for each of the 
other corners on the other side. You have to 
make sure all the creases are awav from you. 
then, lrom where the two bisectors meet on 
out to the edge you fold agains the crease, you 
fold in the same place but in the other 
direction of the original crease 
You do that with each edge and 
) °u get a little paper boat into which 
) ou can shift your silt. Alter having 
though 1) raked the herb you wind 
up with a little mound of grass, how 
big depends on how strong the grass 
is. how big the papers are. and how- 
stoned you wanna get. I usually use a bit 
more than would 1111 a large bowl. You pick 
the gras up between you fingers and dust it 
into the paper boat. Try to get it even but \ 
don't worn about it you can fix it. Towards 
the bottom ol the mound you run into stull 
too line pick up with your fingers. I consider it 
la point ol grace to card once, and once 
only, it back into a smalled mound and 
then try to gel at least one good pinch 
"or two from it and let the rest of the shit 
go back into the baggie until one is 
(scaping lor anything green that burns. 

As you load the paper you are gonna 
spill dust, just let it go. Make sure you load 
o\ er the tray and you will either get it with 
the cleanup card or smoke it some other time. 

Now you take your boat full of dope and 
begin leveling it. Stir it about with your linger 
to balance as much as possible and then you 
will begin rolling it. Make sure the gummed 
side is away from you if there is one. You roll 
it to settle the grass and gel it even, and ya try 
to gel it to spread ouldowards the 
edges. This is where people who use 
doller bills use them. I alwai s. 
thought it was too much hassle to 
luck with. Once you have it spread to 
suit your desires you then have to roll 
the paper up into a joint. 'This is the trickv 
part. I always try to finish rolling it so that it 
is very near the ungummed edge and then to 
just fold that over and roll it up. Try to get it a 
bit tighter than you wanna some cause it will 
looesen as you roll it up. just before your • 

finished you have lo lick ihe gum. The best I 
ever saw anyone do that was this little 
oriental girl 1 knew who had the most pointed 
tounge that was always moist. She had 
absolute control over her tounge. she could 
make it do 
things that 
would give 
you an 



s. I being who I am tend to either slobber a bit 
too much or not get enough on there, it could 
be better but it works. You finish rolling it up 
and and then you gotta close the sides. 

The best way 1 have found to close the sides 
is to just roll one end and figure what gets 
caught gets caught and turn it so the other 
end is upright and then use a small poker to 
pull out things which stick out and push in 
the stuff that needs to go inside. Roll the ends 
counter to each other and lick to close. I got 
friends that stick half the damned joint in 
thier mouths, and others who just touch it to 
thier tounge. I am undecided, the wetter it 
gets the better the joint is but it just grates my 
aesthetics. Ixit it dry and you gotta joint. I 
tend to double wrap mine, by rolling that joint 
in annother, it strengths that fragine middle 
section and generally keeps a tight nice 
looking joint. I also tend to tear off that messy 
end. the one that caught what got caught, to 
suck on, and use the flashy paper tail to light 


Sender: Drug Abuse Education 
Information and Research 

What are "blunts?" 

The name, "Blunts," is a street name used 
to describe a marijuana and tobacco cigar. 
Other street names include "el-pees" (LP's), 
According to one source, blunts originated 
among Jamaicans in New York City in the 
early 1980's. Blunts take their name from 
"Phillies Blunt" brand cigars, although other 

brands of similar make (such as HI Producto. 
White Owl. and Dutch Masters) arc also used 
for this purpose. Tobacco is removed from the 
inside of the cigar, and replaced with x 


How to 
Roll a 


first thing 
you have 
to know 
to roll a 
blunt, is 

Practice. Practice, and Practice. It takes 
several tries before you can get it right. do to 
your corner store and buy a pack of Phillies 
Blunt cigars, 'fake a razor blade, and cut it 
open down the middle. Take all the tobacco 
out. Hick the back of the paper, that is. the 
outside of the gar. thoroughly. Youveallv 
need to make love to these things with your 
tounge. Next, place a healthy portion of weed 
in the gar. Roll it up. and lick the edge 
thoroughly. It lakes a lot of saliva to make 
these things stick. When you have it closed 
up. pop it in the microwave for about ten 
seconds, this makes it stick belter. The light it 
up. and smoke it. 

Why are Phillies Blunt cigars used? 

Man> other cigar brands are still being used 
Lo make blunts. Users say that the Phillies 
Blunt brand produces less harshlasling or 
sweeter smoke. The leaf wrapper of a Phillies 

Blunt is strong enough to hold together 
through the manipulations of making a blunt. 
Other brands fall apart. 

The Hthics of Gars 

A lot ol people think rolling in gars ruins 
the taste of marijuana. I personally think it 
enhances the taste. You can take mondo hits. 

"Herb Is the healing of the nation 
Alcohol the destruction of mankind." 

Bob Marley 

in with some 

ns include 
cocaine and 
cocaine and 
-v’nes and 
^alcohol. At 
this writing, 

and you'll 
choke the first 
time you 
smoke one. 

For the 
ultimate high, 
let someone 
give you 
shotgun. It'll 
knock you on 
your ass. All 
the people I 
know now 
don't even 
carry skins 
anymore, only 
a pack of gars 
in their pocket. It takes longer to roll than a 
joint, but it’s worth the extra effort. 

Blunts vs. Joints 

Smoking marijuana inside the leaf or paper 
wrapper of a cigar offers several advantages to 
the user: 

-The tobacco wrapper slows down the 
burning rate of the joint. This allows a greater 
number of users to share the same joint. 

-A blunt holds more marijuana than a 
joint, and is convenient to use and store. A 
single user can smoke it. extinguish iL. and 
easily relight it. "That's what's so cool about a 
blunt. Just put it out. It lits nicely in the top 

-It looks like a legal drug, liven though it is 
illegal for adolescents to use tobacco products, 
blunts appear to be commercial tobacco 
cigars. Policemen, teachers, and parents who 
ignore cigarette possession in minors are likely 
to ignore blunts as well. 

-Nicotine from the tobacco content may 
add to the effects of the marijuana in a blunt. 
Nicotine is a stimulant, and marijuana is a 

appears to be no medical literature evaluating 
the psychoactive effects of using marijuana 
and tobacco together vs. individually. 



Bob Kobertson (1TH Laboratories idea from a Scottish friend of mine.... 

1 )lake a sip of water (you'll need to 
experiment to find the right amount) 

2) cup your hands to form an air chamber 
(as if you were holding an insect in your 

3) luck a joint between the pinky and ring 

4) hold your head down a little 

5) inhale at the opening between your 

thumbs , 

"Personally, I'm in lavor ol democracy, which means that the central institutions of society have to be under 
popular control. Now, under capitalism, we can't have democracy by definition. Capitalism is a system in which 
die central institutions ol society are in principle under autocratic control. 1'hus, a corporation or an industry is, 
il we were to think ol it in political terms, lascisl; that is, it has light control at the lop and strict obedience has to 
X* established al every level - there's little bargaining, a little give and take, but the line of authority is perfectly 
straight lorward. Just as I m opposed to political fascism, I'm opposed to economic fascism. I think that until the 
najor institutions ol society are under the popular control of participants and communities, it's pointless to talk 
ibout democracy." 

Irom Noam Chomsky I angtiage and Politics (1988) 

6) spit out that disgusting bong water alter 
your hit 

7) repeal step one 

...he says it really does eool the smoke and 
if you accidently swallow the water instead of 
spitting it out you can taste all the crap that 
got filtered out. so. don't accidently do that. 


When cooking MJ (ie. brownies) does the 
smell of the MJ permeate throughout the 
kitchen area? 




It's about as easy to conceal as 
baking-ehoeolate-ehip-eookie-lumes on a cold 


It didn't smell 
for me. 

I took an l/8oz 
of smoke, 
chopped it all 
very line until it 
was all sift, and 
added it to some 
Microwave (Not 
MicroRave. some 
other brand) 
hrowincs and 
cooked it in the 
micro for 8 
minutes... All I 
could smell was 

From there. I 
went to the 
concert in 
Milwaukee, and 
had one in the 
car 1 5 minutes 
from the gate (All 
this doing a 
poilce road check 
for intoxicants)... 

Anyways, it hit me 20-30 minutes later, and 
kept getting stronger and stronger for the next 
hour. The next 3 hours were great... Seems 
much more mellow than smoking a number 6f 
howls, although it was a very strange feeling 
to not smoke something and just gel more and 
more stoned. The best part of eating pot 
brownies is getting a very’ small smidgen stuck 
of a hud stuck between your teeth mixed with 

(David Johnston) 

II you fry the dope in butter or oil before 
cooking with it. you will alter the kind of high 
you get. Without frying, you'll be stoned out 
of your mind, immobile on the couch for the 
duration. With frying, you are stoned out of 
your mind, running around laughing like an 
idiot. I much prefer the latter. 

I've been told that this is because the frying 
dissolves the THC out of the dope a}id into the 
butter, which allows it to enter the 

faster. Come to 
think of it. this 
would seem to 
suggest that the 
effects would be 
reversed. Any 
al. anyone? 

i\S. My 
favorite recipe: 
Open an oreo 
cookie, and scoop 
out a small 
depression in the 
icing (yes. I 
*know* what's in 
that icing. I try 
not to think of it.) 
l ake a quarter 
gram of hash, 
heat it. and 
crumble it up. 
Then heat a bit of 
butler, about the 
same amount as 
the hash you 
broke up. in a 
spoon over a stove 


at the Great Midwest 
Marijuana Harvest Festival 

It's not just tor paper, fuel, ana fiber anymore! 
Saturday, Sept. 26, Madison Wl 

11 AM Library maM. 2 PM pared# to Stata Capitol 
Fleers NORML 911 WiHiamson St Madison Wl 53703 
Mo- 257-HEMP Vendors please caR ahead 

element, candle or lighter. When it's melted, 
add the hash and stir it up with a toothpick, 
or something. It will melt. 

At this point, il someone comes in. you look 
like your about to shoot up. Throws a real 
scare into Mom! 

Pour the mixture into the depression in the 
oreo. and put the cover back on. Refrigerate 
lor 20 minutes or so. and chow down. 

1 cookie will do the trick! 

Pm joy! 


"A Childs Garden of Grass" that my friend 
Prnie used to have back in school. x 

Anyways, some FOAP's used to do this to 
extract the last useability from slicks, stems 
and whatever "rubble" is lying around. Of 
course, you can do this with any other shake 
or bud if you so desire. 

Bring 1-2 quarts of water to a boil. Add 2 
sticks of butter. Add sticks, shake, stems, 
whatever...thow it all in! Cover and let boil for 
1 5 minutes. Pour through a strainer into a 
bowl. Put the bowl into the fridge over night. 
In the morning, most of the THC laden butter 
will have formed a hard layer on the top of the 
water. Carefully skim this 
on* and save. Use this 
butler in any recipe you 
mv friend Ernie 

I haven't seen this variation ol cooking 
with MJ on the list, but it is from a recipe in 


—————■— mt'mmmrn ■ — ■ desire: 

used to pul it on toast! 

A lot of work I know, 
but this method seemsio 
enjoy several advantages 
over frying: 

1) no danger of 
overcooking or burning 
because the water ternp 
won't be much higher 
than 100C/212F 

2) better extraction of 
THC because you can 
cook il longer without 
burning: Ernie said you 
could even catch a 
reasonable high from just 
sticks and stems. 

3) You can use the 
butter in any recipe: Ernie 
was also a big pesto fan. 

Ernie told me that there 
was a better version using 
alcohol instead of water 
but that you can't do il 
with a gas stove, so he 
didn't really remember. 



A FOAF told me about 

Eating really is the best 
way to in jest, but how 

1-Anarchism, at least as I understand it, leaves posterity free to develop its own particular systems, in 
tiarmony with its needs. Our most vivid imagination cannot forsee the potentialities of a race set free 
from external restraints. How, then can anyone assume to map out a line of conductfor those to come? 
We, who pay dearly for every breath of fresh air, must guard against the tendency to fetter the future. 

If we succeed in clearing the soil from the rubbish of the past and the present, we will leave to 
posterity the greatest and safest heritage of all ages. 

[EMMA GOLDMAN, Anarchism , 1910 _'_ 

many people want to whip up a batch of and add 2 teaspoons warm milk. Slowly but 

brownies every time? It just takes too much 
time. This recipe, for "Firecrackers", is really 
easy, and really fast: 

Spread peanut butter thickly on a cracker. 
Top with perfectly cleaned MJ (no twigs or 
seeds, and break up any buds) - about enough 
for a joint. Spread peanut butter on another 
cracker, and put on top of the MJ. peanut 
butter side down, so the layers are cracker, 
PB, MJ, PB. cracker. 

Put on some foil, and bake at 300 for 20 
minutes. Let cool and eat. 


With the weekend coming up. you might 
find use for this recipe for bhang from Flavors 
of India by Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff. 

2 cups water 

1 ounce marijuana (fresh leaves and 
flowers of a female plant preferred) 

4 cups warm milk 

2 tablespoons blanched and chopped 

1/8 teaspoon garam masala |a mixture of 
cloves, cinnamon, and 

1/4 teaspoon powdered ginger 

1/2 to 1 teaspoon rosewater 

1 cup sugar 

Bring the water to a rapid 
boil and pour into a clean 
teapot. Remove any seeds or 
twigs from the marijuana, add it 4 
to the teapot and cover. Let this 
brew for about 7 minutes. Now 
strain the water and marijuana 
through a piece of muslin cloth, 
collect the water and save. Take 
the leaves and flowers and 
squeeze between your hands to 
extract any liquid that remains. 

Add this to the water. Place the 
leaves and flowers in a mortar 

firmly grind the milk and leaves together. 
Gather up the marijuana and squeeze out as 
much milk as you can. Repeat this process 
until you have used about 1/2 cup of milk 
(about 4 to 5 times). Collect all the milk that 
ha^ been extracted and place in a bowl. By 
this time the marijuana will have turned into 
a pulpy mas^. Add the chopped almonds and 
some more warm milk. Grind this in the 
mortar until a fine paste is formed. Squeeze 
this paste and collect the extract as before. 
Repeat a few more times until all that is left 
are some fibers and nut meal. Discard the 
residue. Combine all the liquids that have 
been collected, including the water the 
marijuana was brewed in. Add to this the 
garam masala, dried ginger and rosewater. 
Add the sugar and remaining milk. Chill, 
serve, and enjoy. 

It seems a bit labor intensive, but then it is 
meant as an offering to Shiva. 

We shell not Ie^on jerate Saddam 

Hussein for his actions. We will 

Mobilize to meet this threat to our 

vital interests in the Persian (Gulf 

until an faivioco)cab le solution is reached. Our 


strategy is to lisiifl reoared. Failing that, we 
|ming to kick your ass, even if it takes 



• Hemp grown for the production of biomass fuels can provide all of our gas, oil and coal 
energy needs and end dependency on fossil fuels. 

• Hernp results in a 95.5% fuel-to-feed ratio when used for pyrolysis -- the thermochemical 
process that converts organic matter into fuel. 

• Biomass has a heating value of up to 8,000 BTU/lb., with virtually no residual sulphur or ash 
during combustion. 

• Biomass fuels offer a clean alternative to fossil fuels. No sulphur'oxides are released, either 
during pyrolysis or combustion. A closed C0 2 system is created. According to Stanley 
Manahan, "Environmental Chemistry," biomass fuelq* would not result in any net C0 2 being 
added to the atmosphere. 

• Hemp is the #1 producer of biomass per acre in the world. 'Biomass energy expert Lynn 
Osburn estimates that 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 million acres of hemp would replace all of Canada's 
fossil fuel demands. 

• From 75% to 90% of all paper was made with hemp fiber until the late 1800's. 

• U.S.D.A. bulletin #404 outlined a process for the production of paper using hemp pulp and 
demonstrated that hemp could replace 40% to 70% of all tree pulp paper, including 
corrugated boxes, computer paper and paper bags. 

• An acre of hemp -will produce as much pulp for paper as 4.1 acres of trees over a 20 year 

• The hemp paper-making process requires no dioxin-producing chlorine bleach and uses 7 5 % 
to 85% less sulphur-based acid. 

• Hemp paper is suitable for recycle use 7 to 8 times, compared with 3 times for wood pulp 

• By utilizing hemp pulp for paper, we could stop the deforestation of our country and produce 
stronger, more environmentally sound paper for less than 1/2 of the price of wood pulp 
paper. The paper mills now in place would need almost no conversion in order to switch 
from wood to hemp pulp. 

• Hemp produces the strongest, most durable natural soft-fiber on eerth. Until the 1820 s, 
up to 80% of all textiles and fabrics for clothes, canvas, linens and Cordage were made 
principally from hemp. 

• Hemp cloth is stronger, more durable, warmer and more absorbent than cotton. Best of all, 
hemp can be grown in Canada, cotton cannot. 

• An acre of land will produce 2 to 3 times as much fiber as cotton, about 1,000 lbs. of fiber 
per acre. 

• Hemp grown in most parts of Canada will require no herbicide, fungicide or insecticide 
applications. Up to 1/2 of all agricultural pesticides used in North America are applied to the 

* cotton crop. 

• Natural, organic hemp fiber breathes and is recyclable, unlike petroleum-based synthetic 

• A fully mature hemp plant may contain 1/2 of its dry-weight in seed. 

• Hemp seed has an oil content of 34%, more than any other seed. Hemp seed oil is second 
only to whale oil in its quality and has the same burning qualities and viscosity as it 2 grade 
heating oil without any of the sulphur-based pollutants. 

• Once hemp seed oil has been extracted, the remaining seed cake is second only to soya 
bean for protein content and is an excellent source of nutrition for either farm animals or 


• England, France and Spain have all legalized low THC varieties of hemp for an agricultural 
crop. England planted 1,500 acres of hemp as a first year crop. Reports from England state 
that farmers are receiving in excess of $3,000 per acre for their hemp crop. 


• Low THC hemp is not suitable as a psychoactive drug. 

• A Canadian report from the late 1 800's demonstrated that hemp works very well in rotation 

with bean and corn crops. \ 

• In 1991 Ontario farmers received $290 and $240 per acre for grain corn and soya bean 

• Hemp was grown successfully in Canada for over 100 years. For a period in the late 

1800's, Canada produced 1/2 of all England's hemp requirements. At the time, England 
was the largest hemp consumer in the world. , 

• In the 1930's, a South Western Ontario newspaper reported that Canadian grown hemp was 
among the best in the wtfTid and far superior to tropical hemp. 

• In Canada hemp can be grown successfully from our southern borders to approximately 60° 
North Latitude, the parallel that divides the North West Territories from the provinces. This 
remarkable range is possible due to hemp's short growing season, usually 90 to 110 days. 

• The hemp plant will reach a height of up to 5 m (16 ft.) and sink a main tap root down 6 
ft. This tap root will draw nutrients from deep in the soil and make them available to 
subsequent crops when the hemp leaves are shed on the soil. This extensive root system 
also helps to alleviate the problem of soil compaction. 

• Hemp is very easy on the soil and returns up to 60% of the nutrients it takes from the soil, 
when dried in the field. 

• A report from Kentucky states that hemp was grown on the same land for 14 consecutive 
years without soil depletion or reduction in yield. 

• Hemp is a very economical crop to grow since it requires virtually no pesticide applications. 

• Hemp is also relatively drought-resistant and has been relied upon several times during 
drought-induced famine for its high protein seed. 

• Hemp is very resistant to increased UV radiation and should not suffer decreased yields, 

unlike soya bean and corn. 

Produced by H.E.M.P. Canada, 718 Wilkins St London Ont. N6C 4Z9 (519) 686-1415 

1 hj^SHIShj-E^TEKS 

There was once, my lord and crown upon 
my head, a man in a certain city, who was a 
fisherman by trade and a hashish-eater by 
occupation. When he had earned his daily 
wage, he would spend a little of it on food and 
the rest on a sufficiency of that hilarious herb. 
He took his hashish three times a day: once in 
the morning on an empty stomach, once at 
noon, and once at sundown. Thus he was 
never lacking in extravagent gaity. Yet he 
worked hard enough at his fishing, though 
.^-sometimes in a very extravagent fashion. On a 
certain evening, for instance, when he had 
taken a larger dose of his favorite drug than 
usual, he lit a tallow candle and sat in front of 
it. asking himself eager questions and 
answering with obliging wit. After some 
hours of this delight, he became aware of the 
cool silence of the night about him and the 
clear light of a full moon abouve his head, and 
exclaimed affably to himself: "Dear friend, the 
silent streets and the cool of the moon invite 
us to a walk. Let us go forth, while all the 
world is in bed and none may mar our solitary 

exaltation." Speaking in this way to himself, 
the fisherman left his house and began to 
walk towards the river; but. as he went, he 
saw the light of the full moon lying in the 
roadway and took it to be the water of the 
river. "My dear old friend the fisherman." he 
said, "get your line and take the best of the 
fishing, while your rivals are indoors." So he 
ran back and fetched his hook and line, and 
cast into the glittering patch of moonlight on 
the road. y 

Soon an enormous dog. tempted by the 
smell of the bail, swallowed the hook greedily 
and then, feeling the barb, made desperate 
efforts to get loose. The fisherman struggled 
for some time again!st this enormous fish, but 
at last he was pulled over and rolled into the 
moonlight. Even then he would not let go his 
Tiffe; but held on grimly, uttering frightened 
cries. "Help. help, good Mussulmans!" he 
shouted. "Help me to secure this mighty fish, 
for he is dragging me into the deeps! Help, 
help, good friends, for l am drowning!" The 
guards of that quarter ran up at the noise and 
began laughing at the fisherman's antics; but 
when he yelled: "Allah curse you. 0 sons of 
bitches! Is it a time to laugh when 1 am 
drowning?" they grew angry and. after giving 
him a sound beating, dragged him into the 
presence of the kadi. 

At this point Shahrazad saw the approach 
of morning and discreetly fell silent. 


SHE said: 

Allah had willed that the kadi should also 
be addicted to the use of hashish; recognizing 
that the prisoner was under that jocund 
influence, he rated the guards soundly and 
dismissed them. Then he handed over the 
fisherman to his slaves that they might give 
him a bed for calm sleep. 

After a pleasant night and a day given up 
to the consumption of excellent food, the 
fisherman was called to the kadi in the 
evening and received by him like a brother. 

His host supped with him; and then the two 
sat opposite the lighted candles and each 
swallowed enough hashish to destroy a 
hundred-year-old elephant. When the drug 
exalted their natural dispositions, they 
undressed completely and began to dance 
about, singing and committing a thousand 

Now it happened that the Sultan and his 
wazir were walking through the city, 
disguised as merchants, and heard a strange 
noise rising from the kadi's house. They 
entered through the unlatched door and found 
two naked men; who stopped dancing at their 
entrance and welcomed them without the 
least embarrassment. The Sultan sat down to 
watch his venerable kadi dance again; but 
when he saw that the other man had a dark 
and lively zabb, so long that the eye might not 

carry to the end of it. he whispered in his 
wazir’s startled ear: "As Allah lives, our kadi is 
not as well hung as his guest!" "What are you 
whispering about?" cried the fisherman. "I am 
the Sultan of this city and I order you to 
watch my dance respectfully, otherwise I will 
have your head cut off. I am the Sultan, this 
is my wazir; I hold the whole world like a fish 
in the palm of my right hand." The Sultan 
and his wazir realized that they were in the 
presence of two hashish-eaters, and the wazir. 
to amuse his master, addressed the fisherman, 
saying: "How long have you been Sultan, dear 
master, and can you tell me what has 
happened f to your predecessor?" "I deposed the 
fellow." answered the fisherman. "I said; 'Go 
Away!' and he went away." "Did he not 
protest?" asked the wazir. "Not at all." replied 
the fisherman. "He was delighted to b&rclased 
from the burden of kingship. He abdicated 
with such good grace that l keep him by me 
as a servant. He is an excellent dancer. 

When he pines for his throne. I tell him 
stories. Now I want to piss." So saving, he 
lifted up his interminable tool and. walking 
over to the Sultan, seemed to be about to 
discharge upon him. "I also want to piss." 
exclaimed the kadi, and took up the same 
threatening position in front ol the wazir. The 
two victims shouted with laughter and lied 
fromhat house, crying over their shoulders: 
"God's curse on all hashish-eaters!" 

Next morning, that the jest might be 
complete, the Sultan called the kadi and his 
guest before him. "0 discreet pillar ol our 
law," he said. "I have called you to me because 

I wish to learn the most convenient manner of Alamut, north-west of Qazwin. Strategically 

pissing. Should one squat and carefully lift 
the robe, as religion prescribes? Should one 
stand up. as is the unclean habit of 
unbelievers? Or should one undress completely 
and piss against one's friends, as is the custom 
of two hashish-eaters of my acquaintance?" 

Knowing that the Sultan used to walk 
about the city in disguise, the kadi realized in 
a flash the identity of his last night's visitors, 
and fell on his knees, crying: "My lord, my 
lord, the hashish spake in these indelicacies, 
not I!" But the fisherman, who by his careful 
daily taking of the drug was always under its 
effect, called somewhat sharply: "And what of 
it? You are in your palace this morning, we 
were in our palace last night." "0 sweetest 
noise in all our kingdom," answered the 
delighted King, "as we are both Sultans of this 
city. I think you had better henceforth stay 
with me in my palace. If you can tell stories, 1 
trust that you will at once sweeten our 
hearing with a chosen one." "I will do so 
gladly, as soon as you have pardoned my 
wazir," replied the fisherman; so the Sultan 
bade the kadi rise and sent him back forgiven 
to his duties. 

From The Book of Grass: An Anthology on 

situated on an extension of the Alburz chain. 
10200 feet above sea level, and on the difficult 
by shortest road between the shores of the 
Caspian and the Persian highlands, this 
"eagle's nest." as the name probably means, 
gave ibn-al-Sabbah and his successors a 
central stronghold of primary importance. Its 
possession was the first historical fact in the 
life of the new order. 

From Alamut the grand master with his 
disciples made surprise raids in various 
direction^ which netted other fortresses. In 
pursuit of their ends they made free and 
treacherous use of th dagger, reducing 
assassination to an art. Their secret 
organization, based on Ismailite antecedents, 
developed an agnosticism which aimed to 
emancipate the initiate from the trammels of \ 
doctrine, enlightened him as to the superfluity 
of prophets and encouraged him to believe 
nothing and dare all. Below the grand master 
stood the grand priors, each in charge of a 
particular district. After these came the 
ordinary propagandists. The lowest degree of 
the order comprised the "fida'is". who stood 
ready to execute whatever orders the grand 
master issued. A graphic, though late and 

Indian Hemp_. edited by George 
Andrews and Simon Vinkenoog. 

THE (\ss^ssins 

The Assassin movement, 
called the "new propaganda" by 
its members, was inaugurated 
by al-Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah (died 
in 1124). probably a Persian 
from Tus, who claimed descent 
from the Himyarite kings of 
South Arabia. The motives were 

seeondhad. description of the 
method by which the master of 
Alamut is said to have 
hypnotized his "self-sacrificing 
ones" with the use of hashish 
has come down to us from 
Marco Polo, who passed in that 
neighborhood in 1271 or 
1272. After describing in 
lowing terms the magnificent 
garden surrounding the elegant 
pavilions and palaces built by 
the grand master at Alamut. 
Polo proceeds: "Now no man 
was allowed to enter the 

evidently personal ambition and 

Garden save those whom he 

desire for vengeance on the part of the intended to be his ASH1SHIN. There was a 

heresiarch. As a young man in al-Rayy. fortress at the entrance to the Garden, strong 

al-Hassan received instruction in the Batinitc 
system, and after spending a year and a half 
in Egypt returned to his native land as a 
Fatimid missionary. Here in 1090 he gained 
possession of the strong mountain fortress 

enough to resist all the world, and there was 
no other way to get in. He kept at his Court a 
number of the youths of the country, from 
twelve to twenty years of age. such as had a 
taste for soldiering... Then he would introduce 

them into his Garden, some four, or six, or ten 
at a time, having first made them drink a 
certain potion which cast them into a deep 
sleep, and then causing them to be lifted and 
carried in. So when the}' awoke they found 
themselves in the Garden. 

"When therefore they awoke, and found 
themselves in a place so charming, they 
deemed that it was Paradise in very truth. 

And the ladies and damsels dallied with them 
to their hearts' content... 

"So when the Old Man would have any 
prince slain, he would say to such a youth: 

'Go thou and slay So and So; and when thou 

information about this strange and 
spectacular order is derived mainly from 
hostile sources. 

As early as the last years of the eleventh 
century the Assassins had succeeded in setting 
firm foot in Syria and winning as convert the 
Saljug prince of Aleppo. Ridwan ibn-Tutush 
(died in 1113). By 1140 they had captured 
the hill fortress of Masyad and many others in 
northern Syria, including al-Kahf. al-Qadmus 
and al-'Ullayqah. Even Shayzar (modern 
Sayjar) on the Orontes was temporarily 
occupied by the Assassins, whom Usamah 
r calls Isma'ilites. One of their most famous 

returnest my Angels shall bear thee into 
Paradise. And shouldst thou die. natheless 
even so will I send my Angels to carry thee 
back into Paradise."' 

(from 'The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the 
Venetian', translated by Henrv Yule, London, 

The Assassination in 1092 of the illustrious 
vizir of the Saljug sultanate. Nizam-al-Mulk, 
by a fida'i disguised as a Sufi, was the first of a 
series of mysterious murders which plunged 
the Muslim world into terror. When in the 
same year the Saljug Sultan Malikshah 
bestirred himself and sent a disciplinary force 
against the fortress, its garrison made a night 
sortie and repelled the besieging army. Other 
attempts by caliphs and sultans proved 
equally futile until finally the Mongolian 
Hulagu, who destroyed the caliphate, seized 
the fortress in 1256 together with its 
subsidary castles in Persia. Since the Assassin 
books andrecords were destroyed, our 

masters in Syria was Rachid-al-Din Sinan 
(died in 1 1 92), who resided at Masyad and 
bore the title shakkh al-jabal', translated by 
the Crusades' chroniclers as "the old man of 
the mountain". It was Rashid's henchmen 
who struck awe and terror into the hearts of 
the Crusaders. After the capture of Masyad in 
1260 by the Mongols, the Mamluk Sultan 
Bay bars in 1272 dealt the Syrian Assassins 
the final blow. Since then the Assassins have 
been sparsely scattered through northern 
Syria. Persia, 'liman. Zanzibar, and especially 
India, where they number about 1 50000 and 
go by the name of Thojas or Mowlas. They all 
acknowledge as titular head the Aga Khan of 
Bombay, who claims descent through the last 
grand master of Alamul from Isma'il. the 
seventh imam, receives ov er a tenth of the 
revenues of his followers, even in Syria, and 
spends most of his time as a sportsman 
between Paris and London. 



Oh my how the world still loves a cage 

I told this friend of mine not to grieve a 
divorce that happened according to life 
(change). She rationalized right past reality 
and insisted that constitution was more sacred 
than evolution. She passed it so closely i could 
feel it shuddering in my gut. I told her that a 
river stops cold, a river runs wild, but a river 
never stays still from beginning to end . 
Currents are inconsistent. 

She started shreiking in desperation, her fables 
of decent morality swelled the air and she 
cried out to me "but what of the kids!" and I 
said the kids couldn't be covered from the 
rain. Anyway, a sunny day all the time would 
be like living in the SkyDumb.Your skin 
would start to frail, your imagination would 
begin to bleach and your emotions would turn 
to shells 

It's best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself 
out of too much life. Aim above morality. If 
you apply that to life then you're bound to live 
it fully 

More and more shadow fills our rooms; 
high-rises, towers, office blocks, 
loom newly up, year upon year 
shutting out the pale blue sky, all loathsome 

These bird cages of hard blue steel 
are to become our death'sTnemorials 
when winds alone are the sirens of Toronto 
and her streets. No matter. Wave your hand 

in greeting now, for ii> our pots the flowers 
bud and blossom still in their many colours 
each one of them aware how much they mean 

and how much they're loved as pigeons wander 
tiptoed on our windowsills each morning 
tapping upon the glass to be let in. 


The huge farm of humanity has spilled out 
its population, cancelling the past. 

Nature upon Her knees, bows down before it, 
and the glistening lakes are broken glass. 

Casually, they have finished off the future. 
After all, who knows or gives a damn 
what is to come, contented to have comfort 
rather than the ardours of civilization. 

Insatiable, demanding Oil, Oil, Oil, 
as cancers demand morphine shots, these are 
tapeworms lengthening endlessly rdund 
their tables, 

fish-heads blinking at the wheels of cars, ' 

What's our defense agaist these living dead? 
Maybe a thousand books, 
two hundred records. 

George Faludy 
Translated by Robin Skelton 



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